Simply Organic Lawn Aeration Service in Atlanta

Our Atlanta lawn aeration service helps warm-season grasses recover from winter and thrive in the spring and summer.

Wake up your lawn after winter with our Atlanta lawn aeration service for warm-season grasses in April and May. Aerate your lawn this spring and watch it thrive.

What aeration does:

During the winter, your soil gets compacted and your dormant warm-season grass forms a thick thatch, both of which need to be broken up so your soil and grass can breathe again. Aeration uses special equipment to remove plugs of soil to break up the compacted soil and thatch and enhance your turf’s natural ability to absorb the vital nutrients, water and air it needs to thrive.

Lawns that benefit most from aeration:

We highly recommend springtime aeration for all Bermuda, Zoysia, Centipede and St. Augustine lawns, but any type of grass can reap the benefits.

What springtime aeration does for your lawn:

  • Wakes it up and lets it breathe.
  • Removes plugs of soil so vital water, nutrients and air can reach its roots.
  • Loosens compacted soil so it can better absorb water and fertilizer.
  • Strengthens its root structure.
  • Increases its resistance to heat and drought.
  • Makes it lusher and more resilient.