For a beautiful lawn that's safe and healthy, let nature do the work.

The secret to a lawn that’s not just beautiful but also healthy and safe for your loved ones and the environment is to nurture it with the right blend of organic ingredients. At Simply Organic Turf Care, we're pioneers in organic lawn care and have developed an exclusive, proprietary organic lawn care formula just for the soil, vegetation and climate of Metro Atlanta.

Our organic lawn treatments will make your soil so healthy that your turf, trees and shrubs will thrive and ultimately crowd out weeds, disease and unwanted insects. With a combination of our lawn care service and nature, your turf will have the balance of beauty and safety you’ve been looking for.

Did you know that we are available for service calls between scheduled treatments if you are having issues with your landscape? If you're concerned about weeds, lawn discoloration, or possible diseases, let us know as soon as you see a problem. Your Certified Landscape Specialist (CLS) or a Manager will come out as soon as possible to check out the situation and develop a plan to get your landscape back on track. They can even call ahead if you'd like. We offer these calls free of charge because we are your partner in caring for you lawn and we want you to be completely satisfied with our service and your yard.
Simply Organic Turf Care

Helping the planet, one lawn at a time.

We’re a locally owned and operated lawn care service company. Atlanta is our home, and we want to help make it more beautiful – naturally and safely. We know that taking care of Atlanta is a step toward a healthier planet. Please join us.

How healthy is your turf, trees and shrubs?

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An exclusive formula developed specifically for Metro Atlanta.

Our proprietary organic fertilizers condition and nurture the soil using a combination of ingredients including worm castings, poultry litter, sea kelp, fish emulsions and humates (ancient decomposed organic matter). We also include an annual lime application. Read more

Simply Organic Turf Care
We founded Simply Organic Turf Care with one goal in mind: the safety of our children, animals and environment.