Healthy soil equals healthy turf.

Your soil is the key to the health of your lawn. So, our fertilizers and soil treatments are made of 100% organic ingredients that enable your soil to use its own natural ability to nurture and sustain life. With these nutrients, your soil regains its natural ability to support thriving turf that will crowd out weeds and fight off diseases and insects.

Questions about Atlanta organic lawn care?

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How organic is “organic”?

The truth is there’s no such thing as 100% organic turf care. But as pioneers in organic lawn care, we’re as close to 100% as today’s technology allows. In our eight-step annual lawn care program, our five fertilizing and soil-conditioning treatments are 100% organic. To prevent weeds, we apply a non-organic pre-emergent twice a year. On an as-needed basis, at no extra cost to you, we also apply targeted treatments of a synthetic herbicide. In addition to your regular program, applications of non-organic fungicides are available as needed.

Organic Turf Care