Simply Organic Program Options

Choose one of our three options – You’ll receive the same level of expertise and knowledge no matter which option you choose!
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Lawn Care

Our lawn care program consists of seven treatments throughout the year. Here in the Atlanta area, we have two basic types of grasses – cool-season grasses, such as Fescue, and warm-season grasses, such as Bermuda, Centipede, St. Augustine and Zoysia. So, we’ve developed proprietary blends for each type. For total weed or fungus control, consider our Hybrid Option, which supplements our regular organic treatments with non-organic spot or blanket treatments of weeds and funguses as needed.

Service Calls Between Treatments

We are available for service calls between scheduled treatments if you are having issues with your landscape. If you have an urgent matter, our Certified Landscape Specialist (CLS) or a Manager will come out as soon as possible, free of charge, to check out the situation and develop a plan to get your landscape back on track. For non-urgent requests, we will address the problem within 3 – 4 days.

Ornamental Tree and Shrub Care

Our organic tree and shrub program consists of a variety of applications of balanced fertilizers, soil amendments and dormant oils for natural insect control and disease prevention.

Outdoor Pest Control

We’ll spray a 30-foot barrier four or five times a year around your home to keep fire ants, ticks, fleas and spiders out of your yard.

Soil Tests

This service tests your landscape’s soil so that we can recommend proper treatment for your lawn, trees and shrubs. We’ll use the results to customize your treatments to your soil’s specific needs.

Fire Ant Treatments

This is a one-time treatment that eliminates ant mounds in your lawn. The treatment is safe and 100% organic. We use diatomaceous earth to kill the fire ants.

Fungicide Treatment

This service will help eliminate brown patch and dollar spot, common fungal diseases in Atlanta area lawns. We treat fungal diseases with non-organic fungicides because they offer the only effective course of action. The fungicides are applied every 21 to 28 days during the warm season and will not harm the beneficial insects that live in your lawn.


Areation removes plugs of soil to enhance your turf’s natural ability to absorb nutrients and water. We provide this service for warm-season grasses (Bermuda, Zoysia, Centipede and St. Augustine) in April and May.

Aeration & Overseeding

We provide this service for cool-season grasses (Fescue) in September and October. Aeration pulls plugs of soil out of the turf to make room for root growth, while overseeding your existing turf helps fill in bare spots and leads to an overall thicker, lusher turf in the spring.

Grassy Weed Treatment

This is primarily for nutsedge and clump grass. We use a non-organic herbicide because it is the only effective course of action. This treatment is applied during the warm season (April-September) as either a blanket or a spot application.

Mosquito Treatments

Our Mosquito Control Program consists of one application of our 100% organic garlic solution each month during their active season, from May through October, to help minimize the activity of mosquitoes in your yard. The treatment also includes the placement of a larvicide to help keep eggs from developing into larvae. Available as an addition to the Simply Essential, Simply More or Simply Supreme Programs.