Simply Organic Atlanta Aeration and Overseeding

Our Atlanta lawn aeration and overseeding service helps Fescue recover from summer heat and get ready to grow.

Fescue is a cool-season grass that does its best growing during the winter and sometimes struggles in Atlanta’s severe summer heat. Unlike self-spreading warm-season grasses, Fescue needs help getting thicker and filling in the bare patches summer leaves behind and needs to be overseeded in the fall.

How overseeding and aeration go together:

Since Fescue doesn’t self-spread, we apply seeds over your existing grass – overseed – to fill in bare patches and make it grow thicker and lusher. Overseeding works best when preceded by aeration, which gives seeds a safe place to germinate. 

What aeration does for your Fescue lawn:

  • Removes plugs of soil so vital water, nutrients and air can reach its roots.
  • Loosens compacted soil so it can better absorb water and fertilizer.
  • Helps your grass breathe.
  • Strengthens its root structure.
  • Increases its resistance to heat and drought.
  • Makes it lusher and more resilient. 

What overseeding does for your Fescue lawn:

  • Sows seeds over existing grass and bare patches.
  • Helps your grass spread and fill in thin areas.
  • Makes your grass thicker and fuller.

Why we recommend both:

Aeration helps seeds stay safely in place, nestled in newly created pockets of soil where they can germinate. By giving your turf a stronger, deeper root structure, aeration also maximizes the growth potential of both your new and existing Fescue grass.