Pull Weeds Effectively

Posted on 04/20/16 by Simply Organic Turf Care

Effective weed control begins with healthy soil. Happy, nutrient-rich soil is better able to crowd out enemies like weeds, pests and diseases. Naturally however, some weeds are inevitable. The most effective way to attack sporadic, unwanted weeds as part of your organic lawn care routine is to hand pull them. Consider these pointers for safe, effective weed pulling.

Go Root Deep: Dig your fingers into the soil a couple of inches and grasp the weed by the base. Once you have a firm grasp, pull straight up. Make sure you remove the entire root system. Failure to do so means the weeds will come right back to haunt you.

Get Low: You never think weeding is a strenuous task until after the fact, but all that bending can certainly take a toll on your body. To lessen the impact, plan to stretch before heading out to tackle your weeds. It’s always wise to kneel rather than bend at the waist to protect your back. If you plan to be working in the yard for extended periods of time, invest in some kneepads or garden pads for a more comfortable experience. 

Timing is Everything: Ideally, you want to remove weeds as soon as you notice them. Younger weeds are easier to remove than more established ones. As their root systems expand they become harder to pull effectively. Consider weeding when your organic lawn is moist. Dry conditions make weed removal harder because the weeds will often break off above the root, meaning they’ll just sprout again.

Tool Power: While weeds can be pulled with your own hands, there are a variety of tools available that may make the job easier, especially if you have a lot of deeply rooted weeds. Use a small garden spade to till the soil around the weed to determine how deep you’ll need to dig to target and remove the entire root. Garden centers also offer hand weeders and stand up weeders with release mechanisms to make the job easier. If you’re worried about your back, a stand up weeder is the way to go.

Weeds will undoubtedly surface especially as you work to establish healthy soil. Pulling them is your best bet but if they’re overtaking your lawn and you simply have had enough, we do offer a hybrid program that combines organic and non-organic treatments to control weeds and fungus.