We use an exclusive, green formula we developed specifically for Metro Atlanta.

Just some of our all-natural, organic ingredients

Organic Poultry





As pioneers in organic lawn care, we’ve developed proprietary organic fertilizers that condition and nurture the soil using a combination of ingredients including compost teas, worm castings, poultry litter, sea kelp, fish emulsions and humates (ancient decomposed organic matter). We supplement them with an annual lime application and an organic herbicide that controls most weeds.

When your soil is healthy and fertile, it feeds your lawn and helps defend it against damaging pests – naturally. With continued use of our organic fertilizers, your soil will be able to sustain the beautiful lawn you want without the need for synthetic products.

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How our organic ingredients work.

Compost naturally stimulates beneficial microbial activity, improves soil drainage and replenishes vital nutrients not normally available to your soil. So, we recommend at least one compost application per year.

Compost tea mixture:
This 100% organic bio-nutritional product promotes plant health by naturally increasing resistance to disease and insect damage through significant root and cell wall development.

Poultry litter:
An important organic fertilizer, poultry litter (manure) gradually releases into the soil one of the most powerful natural fertilizers on earth – nitrogen. Also containing potassium and other important nutrients, poultry litter improves the structure of the soil to enhance moisture retention, water infiltration and lawn aeration.

Organic herbicide:
We control weeds with an earth-friendly citrus-oil blend.