Additional Services

To enhance your turf’s natural ability to absorb nutrients and water, we can provide aeration for warm season turf, such as Bermuda and zoysia, in April and May.

To enhance your turf’s natural ability to absorb nutrients and water, we can provide aeration and overseeing for cool season turf, such as fescue, in September and October.

Not every lawn needs soil testing. But if your lawn has been neglected or has not been reaching its full potential, we’re happy to test your soil to see what it needs to do a better job of nourishing your lawn, trees and shrubs. We’ll use the results to customize your treatments to your soil’s specific needs. Depending on the starting condition of your soil, it may take a while for our organic fertilizers to incorporate into your soil. However, you will usually see improvements within one growing season.

Our Mosquito Control Program consists of one application of our 100% organic garlic solution each month during their active season, from May through October, to help minimize the activity of mosquitoes in your yard. The treatment also includes the placement of a larvicide to help keep eggs from developing into larvae. Available as an addition to the Simply Essential, Simply More or Simply Supreme Programs.

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You can protect your loved ones from harmful insects by supplementing any of our lawn or tree and shrub programs with our organic outdoor pest control program. We'll spray a 30-foot barrier four or five times a year around your home to keep fire ants, ticks, fleas and spiders out of your yard.

Fire ants pose a danger to your loved ones and pets, but our fire ant treatments – made of 100% organic and safe diatomaceous earth – do not. Just one treatment usually eliminates the ant mounds.

Brown patches and dollar spots are common fungal diseases that occur in Atlanta area lawns. We treat fungal diseases with non-organic fungicides because they offer the only course of action that can control fungus. The fungicides we use will not harm the insects that live in your lawn, but we do recommend that you let the application dry before you, your loved ones and pets get back on the lawn. We normally apply this treatment every 21-28 days during the warm season.

This is primarily for nutsedge and clump grass. We use a non-organic herbicide because it is the only effective course of action. This treatment is applied during the warm season (April-September) as either a blanket or a spot application.

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