Organic Lawn Mowing

Posted on 06/04/16 by Simply Organic Turf Care

Now that that summer is here, you’re probably wondering how to keep your organic lawn healthy without too much of a fuss. Thankfully, organic lawn care, when done right, can be much easier than caring for a normal lawn. Here are some super helpful tips to get your lawn thick and green with the minimal amount of effort!

  • Keep Your Grass Tall
    First, and most important, you should let your grass grow long and tall. Well, about as tall as the highest setting on your mower. Taller grass means more surface area, which means more space to catch the sun’s life-giving rays. Having your grass be 3 to 4 inches tall instead of the usual 1 to 2 gives it an incredible boost to its texture and color. Cutting your grass too short is an easy way to get nasty brown spots, so remember to keep it long!
  • Maintain your Mower
    Your lawn mower is a tool like any other, and like a tool, it needs to be kept in good shape to do its job well. Maintenance on your mower is an important step to remember not only for making your mower last longer but also for keeping your lawn healthy and neat. Sharpening your mower blade periodically allows your mower to evenly cut through your lawn. Uneven grass looks unruly and can cause shorter blades to die off from lack of sunlight.
  • Technique Matters
    Believe it or not, mowing technique can also change the law that your lawn grows and develops. Mowing too quickly can cause the grass to be cut unevenly and debris such as sticks and leaves to remain large enough to impede grass growth. Mowing slowly allows each blade to receive an even cut and organic debris to be chopped up into useful mulch.Changing your mowing pattern can also help your grass to grown more evenly, avoiding bald patches and receding grass. Simply Changing the direction from week to week will counteract grass lean, leaving you with beautiful, straight grass.
  • Grass Clippings As Fertilizer
    The next tip will be a relief to all of you who are tired of dragging bags of grass clippings to the curb. Leaving your grass trimmings on the lawn to decompose will act as a natural fertilizer for your lawn. Not only will you save time and energy leaving the clippings where they are but you’ll also save money on fertilizer using this simple strategy.

As you’ve seen, organic lawn care doesn’t require a large budget or an extreme time investment. Using these 3 simple tips you can cut down on the time and energy you spend on your lawn, as well as keeping it lush and beautiful.

photo credit: Falaise via photopin (license)