How to Help Your Atlanta Lawn Beat Late-Summer Stress

Posted on 08/04/23 by Simply Organic Turf Care

It’s no secret that Atlanta summers can be tough on lawns. As July wraps up and we get into August, mugginess often gives way to dryness, adding another stressor on top of the heat. How do you keep your lawn healthy and looking good until the cooler, gentler autumn weather arrives? Just follow these simple tips.

Water the right way.

Your lawn needs an inch of water per week. So, whatever rainfall doesn’t provide, you need to make up by watering. And it’s really important to water the right way.

  • Water in the morning, by 10 am. This maximizes the amount of water that soaks into the soil before it evaporates. At the same time, it minimizes the length of time that the grass blades stay excessively wet, which makes your lawn more susceptible to fungal diseases. The next best time is between 4 and 6 pm. 
  • Water deeply once or twice a week. Giving your lawn the water it needs in just one or two doses encourages the roots to grow deeper ­– which is exactly what you want. The deeper the root system, the more resistant your lawn is to heat, drought, and other stresses. Frequent, light watering, on the other hand, leads to shallow roots, making your lawn more vulnerable.

Check your mowing technique.

Mowing does more than keep your lawn looking neat. How and when you mow can help – or hurt – your lawn.

  • Raise the mower deck for longer grass. Increasing the length of your grass helps it withstand summer stress. Longer grass protects the root system by shading and cooling the soil and reducing moisture loss.
  • Mow in the evening. Even with a nice sharp blade, mowing can stress your lawn. Doing it in the evening, when the sun is less intense, makes it less stressful on grass.
  • Leave grass clippings on the lawn. The clippings, like longer grass, shade the soil and reduce moisture loss. Plus, as they break down, they add nutrients to the soil.

Consider using organic lawn care practices.

Organic or natural lawn care is not just about avoiding synthetic fertilizers and other products. When done right, it focuses on building healthy soil. Grass, trees, and other plants that grow in healthy soil are naturally more resistant to stress, pests, and diseases.

Not up to becoming a DIY organic lawn care expert? Simply Organic Turf Care can help. Our proprietary fertilizers are developed specifically for Metro Atlanta, from Alpharetta and Buckhead to Smyrna and Vinings.