Control Your Weeds, Organically

Posted on 03/20/15 by Simply Organic Turf Care

An organic approach to weeds is very simple. The healthier your lawn is, the better it is at defending pests. Weeds are pests. Weeds are opportunistic growers, so if there is a weak spot in the lawn, weeds will pop up in that area. Adding soil conditioners and natural fertilizers will help balance a lawn that is not artificially inflated with synthetic fertilizers. Synthetic fertilizers act fast and also leave fast. This is why the lawn greens up in 1-2 days but also goes brown just as fast. Organic fertilizers are the opposite, slow to green up and slow to brown out. So what does it take to go organic in your fight against weeds?

Persistence- Perhaps the top requirement for fighting weeds organically is persistence and patience. It’s not going to happen over night. And maybe not even in one year, but it will happen if you keep at it. Once your soil reaches its healthy level and weeds are fewer and fewer, maintaining it will seem quite easy. Getting to that point requires significant commitment in your weed fighting efforts.

Organic Fertilizers- There are a variety of fertilizers made from natural ingredients. The healthier your soil, the fewer weeds you’ll see. Organic fertilizers will enable your soil to use its own natural ability to nurture and sustain life.

Organic Herbicides- There are several vinegar or citrus oil-based, weed killer options for spot treating your weeds. You have to be careful with organic herbicides as many herbicides are non-selective and will kill any plant life they come in contact with.

Hand Pull- Pulling up weeds the old fashioned way is a guaranteed way to get rid of sporadic weeds. Just be certain you remove the entire root of the weed or they’ll reemerge in no time.

Organic weed control is like building up your lawn’s immune system. By providing a natural, balanced soil you also defend your lawn against unwanted weeds. You will see thriving turf that will crowd out weeds and fight off diseases and insects. At Simply Organic, we help you achieve this by offering an exclusive seven-step process that uses a proprietary blend of ingredients designed specifically for the soil and the climate of Metro Atlanta.