5 Cool Ways for the Whole Family to Enjoy Fall in and Around Atlanta

Posted on 09/29/23 by Simply Organic Turf Care

You don’t have to be a pumpkin spice latte fanatic to get excited about fall. Lots of folks are happy to see this summer’s intense heat give way to cooler autumn temps. It’s a big relief for anyone who works outside and for families who want to get back outdoors and play. Here are just a few family-friendly ways to enjoy the season.

Take in a Fall Festival or Fair

Along with the Georgia State Fair and county fairs, there are plenty of festivals celebrating everything from arts and crafts to the Wild West throughout metro Atlanta. The Atlanta Parent guide is an excellent source for checking out this year’s attractions. You are bound to find an event you and your family won’t want to miss.

Plan a Pumpkin Patch Outing

Nothing says fall quite like pumpkins on the porch or doorstep. Sure, you can pick some up at a store, but it’s way more fun to pick them right in the field. Plus, lots of u-pick pumpkin patches also offer hayrides and corn mazes.

Get Crafty with the Pumpkins You Picked

Making jack-o’-lanterns is an obvious choice for your harvest. Kids who are too young for carving tools can turn their pumpkins into scary creatures using paint or colored markers. Pumpkins also make festive fall planters and containers. Simply place potted mums or other fall flowers in the cleaned-out pumpkin. And if you’re giving ornamental trees and shrubs a fall trim, you can display the colorful trimmings in a pumpkin container. Enlist the kids to collect some of the longer branches and help arrange them in the pumpkins.

Turn Leaves into Works of Art

With leaves and some paint, the artistic possibilities are endless. The idea is to cover one side of a leaf with paint, then press the painted side onto a surface, such as paper. The technique, which is similar to using a stamp and ink pad, lends itself to many applications.

For example, young kids can use tempera paint to make art to hang in their room or a card for a favorite teacher. Older kids might want to experiment with fabric paint to create custom T-shirts for themselves or friends. Other ideas include using acrylic or latex paint to add an autumnal flair to picture frames, bookcases, etc.

Go for Nature Walks

Connecting with nature is good for us and the planet. You can spark curiosity and engagement in your kids (and yourself!) by turning a walk in your neighborhood or local park into a “nature game.” For example, see who can spot and name five different animals or plants first. Or try to identify signs that it’s fall. 

The goal is to actively pay attention to the natural world around you and begin to learn more about it. As an Atlanta organic lawn care company,  we believe that cultivating an interest in nature is key to making us all better caretakers of the part of the planet we call home.