Simply Organic® Turf Care helps homeowners understand what organic lawn care really means

ATLANTA, GA, July 15, 2016
New Simply Organic Lawn Care Page

Many metro Atlanta homeowners want organic lawn care, but with organic lawn care relatively new to Atlanta, many of them have questions about what to expect and whether or not organic lawn care is right for them.

Award-winning Simply Organic® Turf Care, an Atlanta organic lawn care pioneer, uses eight new pages on its website to help homeowners understand their options.

Each of the new pages is devoted to one of Simply Organic’s specific Atlanta lawn care services:

  • Basic lawn care
  • Ornamental tree and shrub care
  • Aeration
  • Aeration and overseeding
  • Fire ant treatments
  • Fungicide treatments
  • Outdoor pest control
  • Weed control

The basic premise behind all the services is that healthy lawns, trees and shrubs are the result of healthy soil achieved by the regular application of organic nutrients formulated specifically for the Atlanta area. The new pages also explain that some lawn care problems, such as certain diseases and persistent weeds, do not respond to organic treatments.
To let homeowners know exactly what to expect from Atlanta organic lawn care, each of the eight pages lists all the components of a particular service and explains each one’s purpose and why non-organic ingredients are sometimes necessary.

For example, fast-spreading fungal diseases present an urgent problem because they can destroy a warm-season lawn like Bermuda in a single summer. So, with no known effective organic treatments for these diseases, the page for fungicide treatments includes non-organic components.

Acknowledging that restoring severely depleted soil to a healthy state may require a full growing season, Simply Organic also offers a hybrid option that uses a combination of organic and non-organic fertilizers to homeowners who want more immediate results.

Simply Organic uses these eight new service pages to help homeowners understand what effective organic lawn care means in the Atlanta area. Lawns that are disease-and-weed free and also safe for loved ones, pets and the environment require a balance of proprietary formulations – mainly organic but occasionally also non-organic – that are tailored to the area’s climate, soil, turf types and other growing conditions.

About Simply Organic Turf Care: Simply Organic was founded as a safe and effective alternative to conventional Atlanta lawn care. Based on years of experience that prove that healthy weed-free lawns can be created by making the soil healthier with organic nutrients, Simply Organic has pioneered Atlanta organic lawn care treatments that give homeowners the green lawns and landscapes they want and the safety they demand. In recognition of these results, Simply Organic is among only five percent of all Metro Atlanta lawn care service companies named as an Angie’s List® Super Service Award winner.