About Us

Simply Organic was founded as a safe and effective alternative to conventional Atlanta lawn care. Our years of experience prove that healthy weed-free lawns can be sustained by enriching the soil with natural nutrients, Simply Organic has pioneered organic lawn care treatments that give Atlanta homeowners the green lawns and landscapes they want and the safety they demand.

Simply Organics’ landscape specialists are committed to providing clients with the best customer experience possible. Trained in all aspects of organic lawn care, our educated professionals are honored to help customers maintain their property.

“There is nothing like maximizing the beauty of a lawn.”
Les Cline, Branch Manager

Les Cline treated lawns for 25 years before joining Simply Organic Turf Care in 2016. As a certified lawn care treatment specialist and a branch manager, Cline’s mission is to lead our team of technicians in providing customers with environmentally friendly ways to maintain their property. Cline is also certified in ornamental and turf care. He credits his training and love of the outdoors for his ability to meet customer needs.